Large Format Interchangeable Cores

These unique cylinders are created for the quick and easy change of lock cores by non-specialty personnel utilizing a unique control key, essentially, easy re-keying. Medeco’s Large Format Interchangeable Core Cylinders are available in a wide range of formats, sizes, and security grades, and can fit into mortise and rim cylinders, key-in-knob locks, bored auxiliary deadlatches, deadbolts, and even padlocks. They offer all the physical attack protection associated with Medeco products, and can provide increased security when retrofit with existing lock housing hardware.


Medeco’s wide variety of high security padlocks are available in a wide range of sizes and formats, and are uniquely designed for both mechanical and electronic cylinders, with construction made of durable, industrial grade stainless steel for weather and attack resistant construction. Available in ranges including the special M3, CLIQ, and Hockey Puck formats, Medeco’s padlocks guarantee some of the highest grade padlock security available on the market today.

Key in Knob / Key in Lever Cylinders

These unique cylinders are designed to retrofit existing knob type cylinder locksets, padlocks, lever cylinder locksets, deadlocks, and bored auxiliary deadlatches. They are available in a wide range of both mechanical and eCylinder formats.

Cam Locks

Medeco makes some of the highest grade cam locks on the planet, offering the gold standard for protection in 3/3th inch diameter locks. Medeco’s Cam Locks use hard stainless steel cylindrical inserts to provide protection from all forms of physical attack and vandalism, and unique key control programs prevent unauthorized key copying. Cam locks are available in a massive range of sizes and functions, with triple locking action, and master keying capabilities.

Rim & Mortise Cylinders

Medeco’s Rim and Mortise cylinders have uniquely patented key control technology and boast UL437 Physical Security in specially adaptable and customizable retrofit cylinder formats. These Rim and Mortise cylinders are available in mechanical and electronic formats as well as uniquely durable formats including patented ‘Dual-Tech’ technology, and strong drilling and picking resistance, and master-keying capabilities.

Cabinet Locks

Medeco’s Cabinet Locks are available in ranges that include both mechanical and electronic cylinder security hardware, in normal, Plunger, Showcase, and unique Medeco XT formats, and many more! They are designed for application in drawers and cabinets where the usual utility cam lock may not be ideal.


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Switch Locks

Medeco’s high security Switch Locks come in 3/4th inch diameters and provide a massive variety of electrical functions joined with the uniquely durable and strong levels of security and key control that come along with the typical Medeco cylinder. They are available in single and double switch models, and help protect controlled access to electrically activated systems including power equipment, control panels, ATMS, safes, and much more!

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