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Door Entry Access Control Systems Installation Services Ontario by UTS Group

UTS Group installs the high-quality door entry access control systems in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. We have a wide range of door entry systems such as wireless door entry systems, door access card reader system, biometric systems, keypad systems, key switch systems, stand-alone lock systems etc. for the authentication of the identities of individuals before it provides access to a particular building. With our commercial door entry systems, you can control and manage different sites at one centralized location.

Door entry system is a modern PC access control system which provides the enhanced security and safety of your property and employees. Besides security, it also simplifies the management of multiple buildings remotely. With our door entry systems for business, you can generate the report of each entry or exit of your employees. As it also provides a record of time and attendance of each employee, this helps to increase the productivity of your business.

We Install a Variety of Door Entry Systems in Ontario

We install a variety of door entry systems for business in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada. You can choose any of the door entry systems for the specific needs of your business. Let’s find out the types of door access control systems.

  • Stand-alone locks
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric systems
  • Keyswitches
  • Keypads
  • Wireless video door entry systems
  • Door access card reader system
  • Key fob door entry system

Advantages of Door Entry Access Control System installation

Improved Security

With our commercial door entry systems, you can restrict the unauthorized people to get access. Moreover, our wireless video door entry systems screen each and every visitor and no one without the card, pin or fob can enter the building. If an employee leaves the job, you just need to reconfigure the device. This certainly increases the security at your commercial premises.


Door access card reader systems make the access more convenient. You just need to create a code for every employee to get into the building. if you have door entry system installed in your office, you do not need to fumble for the keys in your bag or pockets. You can unlock the door without any hassle if you remember the code.

It Creates an Audit Trail

Our door entry systems for business create a log of entries automatically. You can easily find out when your employees entered or exited the building. If anyone attempted the access and failed to enter the building, their entries are also recorded. This records the attendance of each employee. Hence, It increases the productivity of your business.

Remote Access control

Commercial key fob Door entry systems provide you ease to grant the new or temporary access to anyone even if you are not present there. Only you have to press some buttons to allow the access. Even that you can lock down your business remotely. If you want to restrict someone to enter your commercial premises, you can do it immediately.

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