Cost of Installing Automatic Doors in Ontario

Automatic doors seem to be in vogue. They instantly give a charismatic look to your home, office or any other kind of a business.

Benefits of automatic doors

Having automatic doors not only can avoids the penalties for Non-compliance against the “AODA“, but also provides a better brand image, enormous convenience for your customers and many other benefits.

“How much it costs to automatic doors?”

As a leading automatic door company in Greater Toronto Areas, the single most asked question we get is “How much it costs to automatic doors?” I wish there was a easy answer! From deciding what the suitable type of automatic doors are, to wrap the whole project,  nothing is not an easy task. Neither is quoting the project, because the price is inevitably determined by many significant factors.

What are the factors that might affect the price?

There are several factors which are included in the installation, and the whole price of installation varies according to them. Here are the factors that all automatic door companies would consider:

  • Materials and types of the doors
  • Sizes of the doors
  • Transportation/delivery charges
  • Hourly labor charges;
  • Clean up charges;
  • Customization cost;
  • Maintenance costs;

Material of the door

Automatic doors can be made of various materials such as aluminum, iron rough or steel and even timber. The choice of the material to some extent depends on the prevailing trend and the region too. Some materials are readily available in some areas while others are not so this factor should be kept in mind to increase the cost effectiveness of the installation process. Along with this, the budget also determines the type of material used; such as timber is relatively inexpensive, but it is difficult to maintain and not durable at the same time.

Well on the contrary, choosing aluminum is more expensive, which also significantly increases the installation prices. However, it requires less maintenance, and is very durable. So it cuts the maintenance costs. Similarly, Iron wrought and steel is also expensive, but these materials provide a great amount of protection and they last much longer.

Size of the door

There is no predetermined size of the door it wholly depends on your requirement and the place where the gate will be installed. When it’s your choice you can mold and change it according to your budget because the materials will cost more and will also elevate the labor and delivery charges.

Transportation/Delivery Charges

Transport of the materials and other necessities is yet another important factor in determining the overall cost of installation. To keep this price low one should look for the nearby services instead of wasting a huge amount of money on transportation to the work site.

Hourly Labor Charges

The labor charges vary from state to state. They mostly charge per hour so it should be kept in mind that the work packs up in not more than 2-3 days. All the material should be in place so there is no wasting of time on mobilization during labor work.

Clean Up Charges

Restoration of the nearby structures is important and this also falls under the realm of Installation. The site should be cleaned up readily and the debris should be removed. In doing so special clean up services can be called but they charge accordingly. So, similar labor that is present on the site should be hired for the cleanup task, obviously if they are willing.

Complexity and Customization Cost

Normally manual doors are custom made according to your taste and requirements in the same way automatic doors can also be custom made but their prices are specifically high.

Maintenance Costs

The commercial or residential doors require routine preventive maintenance for keeping them functional over a larger span of time. There is full-service maintenance programs offered by some Automatic Doors companies for clients. The inspectors’ visits are structured at a predetermined time. The cost of each visit is also predetermined no matter what kind of damages the company has to fill. It is good if you sign up for such service keeping in view the budget. These services are mostly availed for doors on commercial sites not used in residential areas.


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