Automatic Doors Toronto is one of the best automatic door firms in Milton, Ontario.

Our Automatic & Handicap Door Services in Milton, Ontario are of the highest quality.

We have been serving Milton, Ontario for many years now. Therefore, our experience and knowledge are matchless.

We specialize in automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, automatic door service and installation, manual door closers as well as handicap & pushbutton automatics and many others. We are one of the authorized dealers of automatic doors, and we can install and repairs all models and makes.

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We offer dedicated quick door services and reliable products. We strive to provide same day services. We also, offer 24/7 emergency door services. Whether a project is a modification of the existing doorway, scheduled maintenance check, or a new building, our aim is to provide customer service that is beyond expectations.

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We serve neighbourhoods in Milton can generally be broken into “old” Milton consisting of “Old Milton”, “Timberlea“, “Dorset Park”, “Milton Heights”, “Mountain View” and “Bronte Meadows” and “new” Milton, consisting of “Dempsey”, “Clarke”, “Beaty”, “Coates“, “Willmont”, “Harrison”, and “Scott”.